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Here is a guide to fees. You will find that prices for dental treatment can vary from practice to practice. Rest assured that our fees reflect the extremely high quality care and service you will receive with us and represent an excellent long term investment in your dental health.

Fee Guide

New Patient Consultations
Comprehensive Evaluation* Full hour detailed consultation includes general and cosmetic dentistry
Fee includes all small X-rays


Routine Examinations


Small X-Rays


Large X-Rays
Digital OPG


Invisalign from


Simple Fillings


Front Tooth


Back Tooth


Composite Artistry
e.g. rebuilding large parts of front teeth, closing spaces between front teeth, direct composite veneers, large composite resin buildups for tooth wear


Single Tooth


2 Teeth


4 Teeth


6 Teeth


Tooth Whitening from


Crowns from
(for multiple units)


Veneers from
(for multiple units)


Composite Bonding from


Hygienist comprehensive


Hygienist maintenance visit


Please note that we have a range of consultation and treatment options to suit your dental needs and budget. A range of finance and payment options are also available. Please call and speak to one of our team who can assist you with advice on the most suitable consultation and treatment options for you.Note this list is meant to be a guide to our charges and is not exhaustive. Some of the charges are starting prices only and the quoted fee can increase for complicated or more complex treatment challenges. Highly aesthetic treatments can carry higher fees. A personalised treatment plan and estimate will be provided for you before beginning any treatment and will be based on your individual treatment needs, difficulty and requirements.

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